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Silhouette of woman with her forehead resting on a table, a glass filled with amber-colored liquid on her left and an empty wine bottle on her right.
If 2020 has you feeling like this, you aren't alone, according to a new study. / Csaba Deli ©

Here’s what we’re paying attention to this week:

In news that makes us heave a collective sigh of, “Duh,” a new study reports Americans over 30 are drinking 14 percent more often since the pandemic began, with one demographic spiking by over 40 percent.

A New York bar’s 80-year-old regular died of blunt force trauma after a confrontation with a fellow bargoer, 65, over wearing a mask and treating staff rudely.

It may not be in your job description, but talking down irate, unmasked customers might ensure you don’t end up going viral (or worse, to the morgue—see above).

The fate of further stimulus funds is in limbo, but repayment of that PPP loan you got could be as well (and that’s a good thing). The SBA has finally begun accepting applications for PPP loan forgiveness

Take a trip down the Reddit rabbit hole for culinary hot takes like “As much as I love Anthony Bourdain, he was full of shit about garlic presses.”

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