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Image of red exclamation mark and the public attention alert Yelp posts notifying users businesses have been accused of racism.
Yelp tackles businesses behaving badly (and by badly, we mean like racists). /

Here’s a handful of things we’ve been paying attention to this week:

We are whipping through Unvarnished: A Gimlet-Eyed Look at Life Behind the Bar, Eric Alperin’s memoir/recipe book/treatise on ice that’s been widely described as the Kitchen Confidential of bars

In a move that will either soften your hardened heart for Yelp or make you hate it even more, the company is now flagging businesses that have been accused of racist behavior

For the first time in Commander’s Palace’s nearly 130-year history, the legendary New Orleans restaurant has appointed a female executive chef

Eater’s fantastic, nuanced, and entertaining webinar on cultural appropriation features everyone’s favorite celeb chef, Sohla El-Waylly, as well as chef Aaron Stewart and writer Navneet Alang. Eater has posted excerpts as well as the entire recording.

Outdoor dining has been a lifesaver for many restaurants this year. But at what cost to people with disabilities?   

What are you obsessed with? We’re always on the lookout for interesting books, articles, websites, podcasts, movies or TV shows—they don’t even have to be food-related. Let us know at


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