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Screenshot of Wikipedia page for Great British Bake Off TV show.
Opinions about the GBBO are stronger than ever, and we are not immune. / Sharaf Maksumov ©

Here are the articles that have caught our eyes, podcasts that have caught our ears, and…something that has caught our noses this week.

As restaurants desperately try to lure diners back indoors, they’re faced with a perfect storm of unproven tech, nervous customers, and rapidly dwindling resources   

We know you’re sick of hearing about COVID—but what about smallpox? Or scurvy? Or syphilis?  We’ve been binging This Podcast Will Kill You, which admittedly has nothing to do with food (but will definitely get you to wash your hands).

Move over, nanobreweries. Nanobakeries are the next big thing, proving that nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the need for more refrigerator space.

At least one good thing came out of 2020…if you think bacon-scented face masks are a good thing.

Of course, we’ve been religiously tuning in on Fridays when Netflix drops a new Great British Bake Off episode. But some people are finding it to be less a balm than a bomb in these troubled times (though others have suggested we’re asking way, way too much of a reality TV series).

What are you obsessed with? We’re always on the lookout for interesting books, articles, websites, podcasts, movies or TV shows—they don’t even have to be food-related. Let us know at


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