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She looks mild-mannered enough, but she yells at you every time she makes a pickup. Does she deserve pandemic hazard pay? / Vladyslav Dmytrenko ©

Here’s what’s caught our eye this week:

We all love to hate third-party delivery services, but do their drivers deserve hazard pay in the midst of a global pandemic?

Restaurant and bar owners around the country claim easing capacity restrictions is the only thing that will save their businesses and get the industry back to “normal.” But what if that’s a pipe dream?

Forget the tricks molecular gastronomy plans on your eyes—apparently Subway’s fooled us into thinking its sandwiches were served on bread for years.

Heleodora Flores, who’s sold tamales and atol on the streets of NYC for 30 years, talks about her experiences as a street vendor and her advocacy work with the Street Vendors Project.

And finally, take a break from food and beverage news to enjoy the tale of five feisty, foul-mouthed parrots who were 86’ed from their zoo display after swearing a blue streak.

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