Takeout Booze Regs Tighten Nov. 1

It's time to retire the Capri Sun pouches.

Sprig of flowers, white to go coffee cup, and red heart on pink background.
So long, coffee cup filled with liquor. Ours was a brief but passionate love affair. / Olga Arkhipenko © 123RF.com

On Sunday, November 1, new rules from the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) take effect regarding containers for to-go booze. No longer can bars and restaurant send Styrofoam coffee cups with flimsy to-go lids, juice pouches stabbed with a straw, or unsealed mason jars filled with booze out into the world to find good homes.

Now, the “sealed container” required by the LED is way more structured. Drinks must served in a rigid vessel (think glass, aluminum, or hard plastic) with a lid that must be removed in order to drink (no more straw or sipping holes). In addition, the container must be sealed with “tamper-evident” material that clearly indicates once the lid has been removed. And—yes, there’s more—all takeout and delivery drinks must include a label that reads, “Warning: Do not open or remove seal while in transit,” in at least 14-point font.

At least one thing is easy: You can find a printable warning label from the Department of Revenue here. To read the new rule (which has apparently been undated hastily and without regard for punctuation), check out regulation 47-1101.9.B on page 99 of LED’s Colorado Liquor Rules.

Businesses around town have already started to get creative. There’s talk of the usual suspects (you can get tamper-evident tape and heat-activated shrink wrap on Amazon) but you can also purchase twist-cap crowler cans for under a buck each (seal them with the aforementioned tape or shrink wrap). Some have even suggested investing in a cup sealer, boba tea style—though it’s unclear whether those machines can accommodate a hard plastic cup.

For our previous coverage of to-go alcohol, take a look at “Booze To Go,” which was published in DiningOut Magazine’s October/November issue.

How are you planning to package your to-go booze? Email your experiences (and thoughts, opinions, and questions—anything, really) to askus@diningout.com


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