Two Takeout Nights You Want to Get the Jump On

Capacity rules were just tightened; time to up your takeout game—again.

Smiling African-American family at dinner table around roast turkey.
This family is smiling because they ordered in. / Cathy Yeulet ©

Everyone’s looking for additional revenue streams, and November offers the opportunity for two of them in the form of robust takeout sales.

First, there’s the eve of Election Day: Tuesday, November 3. We can’t imagine anyone wanting to do anything other than staying in, getting good and drunk (open the ’61 Cheval Blanc and make it a special occasion), and stuffing themselves with the most comforting food they can fit into their mouths. Biden voters will be celebrating, Trump voters will be drowning their sorrows, and everyone else will be raising a glass to the end of political ads.

Then, of course, there’s Thanksgiving. Given the uncertainty around restaurant restrictions come Thursday, November 26, offering Turkey Day specials may be the only way to bring in money. Nick Kokonas (of Chicago’s Alinea Group) points to preorders of over $100,000 for the day at the group’s flagship restaurant, and anticipates making over 5,000 pounds of gravy and 2,000 turkeys.

While not everyone can be a three-starred Michelin restaurants with an international reputation (and Coloradans don’t seem to be big on preordering), there’s still plenty of room for creativity. Skip the turkey and offer a menu of just side (everyone’s favorite part). Don’t have room to store a dozen turkeys? Opt for Thanksgiving chickens (gatherings will be smaller this year). Tock has highlighted some restaurants offering Turkey Day dinners; visit its website for inspiration.

What are your thoughts about doing takeout for one day? Email your experiences (and thoughts, opinions, and questions—anything, really) to


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