Video: Let’s Take This Outside

Part of the Colorado Restaurant & Bar Show Virtual Education Series.

Close up of a metal bench for park picnic table covered in snow.
There are better options than this for outdoor dining this winter. / Jason Finn ©

Things get heated—or not, since tales of a propane shortage are proving to be true—as Adam Zarrin (policy advisor to Governor Polis), Mike Brockway (of Denver Tent Rentals) and Phillips Armstrong (Aurum and Table 79 Foodbar in Steamboat Springs, Aurum in Breckenridge) discuss outdoor dining solutions for the winter months. Get answers to questions about how you can keep your guests comfortable without using propane, how you can design your menu to accommodate new dining arrangements, and who’s your best friend when trying to figure all this out (answer: your local fireman!)

This webinar is courtesy of the Colorado Restaurant Association’s Colorado Restaurant & Bar Show Virtual Education Series. To attend upcoming sessions in this series (including ones that tackle additional revenue streams, labor laws, and how to leverage social media) or see other videos, click here.

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