Video: Takeout or Bust

Part of the Colorado Restaurant & Bar Show Virtual Education Series.

Storefront window with
Everyone does to go now, whether they want to or not. / David Wood ©

There’s a lot involved in takeout, from the painful but necessary step of ruthlessly paring down your menu to making sure employees who handle your expo are treated (and compensated) like the rock stars they are. Hear from folks at Western Paper Distributors about the best way to send your fries out into the big, wide world; from people at Toast about who’s got the best online ordering in town—or at least on the platform (Chook, Illegal Pete’s, Yampa Sandwich Co.); and from Denver and Boulder restaurateurs about whether it’s worth it to offer meal kits for the holidays (depends); and why you shouldn’t be afraid to turn off online ordering if the kitchen is getting slammed.

This webinar is courtesy of the Colorado Restaurant Association’s Colorado Restaurant & Bar Show Virtual Education Series. To attend upcoming sessions in this series (including ones that tackle additional revenue streams, labor laws, and how to leverage social media) or see other videos, click here.

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