Attention, Denver Patio Proprietors

Make sure your name gets added to The Denver Post's patio list by this Sunday.

Cafe tables on a sidewalk covered by awnings with a gas mushroom heater.
Make sure Denver diners know about your cozy patio. / scalatore1959 ©

As Denver inches every closer to 5 p.m. today (the hour when restaurants will have to kick their customers out of their dining rooms revert to just takeout and delivery service), The Denver Post is adding to its list of expanded and heated patios around the city.

To make sure your eatery is included, visit this spreadsheet before noon on Sunday, November 22, and add your restaurant’s name, neighborhood, and address. Email hi-res photos of your patio space (and only hi-res photos of your patio space—not pictures of your kids, your dog, or that jackass at dinner last night who argued about wearing a mask and got surreptitiously snapped by the bartender for the purpose of social media shaming) to

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