Can It, Why Don’t Ya?

Restaurants are canning their own beverages.

Top of an aluminum beverage can on black background.
Raise a...can? and toast to innovation. / Dmitry Kuznetsov ©

With liquor laws relaxed to allow takeout and delivery, restaurateurs across the state are devising ways to capitalize on the opportunity. What started out as simple batched cocktails in to-go cups have evolved into complex packaged products. Pioneering this trend are bar duo McLain Hedges and Mary Allison Wright, who are working on opening meat-and-three restaurant Door Prize with a deeply Southern menu and a cocktail program that includes an on-site canning line. “We will focus on eight-ounce canned cocktails,” says Hedges. “We will rotate six different cocktails a week, and we’ll also have six traditional cocktails made at the bar, along with cans of beer and wine.”

Door Prize, which is set to open in late winter, will be able to produce about 100 cans per hour with an Oktober canning machine. “Cans are easier to recycle than glass,” says Hedges. “For single use, we wanted to do something without a big environmental impact. Our idea is to also create more products, fermentables (pickles), and kombuchas.”

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