CRA: Aurora City Council Forces Vote on Minimum Wage Increase Nov. 2

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Happy Monday! The City of Aurora will be voting on a minimum wage increase today. / Ivelin Radkov ©

Aurora restaurateurs who were relieved at the city council’s statement earlier this year that the proposal for an increase in minimum wage would be tabled were in for a surprise when Councilmember Alison Coombs announced on October 27 she would force a vote on the issue. The vote is scheduled for Monday, November 2 at 7 p.m. The CRA sent out the urgent call to action below as part of its Friday, October 30 newsletter. Sign up to receive the full version here:

Despite telling the business community in writing that she was going to delay the minimum wage discussion to 2021 to allow businesses more time to weigh in on the proposal, Aurora City Councilmember Alison Coombs has indicated that on Monday, November 2, she will force a vote on a proposal that will increase the Aurora minimum wage to $17 per hour, without holding any kind of stakeholder process. This is an egregious and unethical violation of the legislative process, the polar opposite of transparent governance, and a massive violation of the business community’s trust. Councilmember Coombs publicly announced that she has been behind the curtain lobbying votes for a proposal that the business community hasn’t even seen yet. You can view a video she posted to Facebook here.

We need you to call and email your Councilmembers TODAY and ask them to vote no on this proposal. It is vitally important that you speak out on this very important issue—the Council needs to hear your personal stories to understand exactly how this proposal will impact you. Moreover, this Council needs to understand that this is a shocking breach of trust, and that they cannot in good faith vote in support of a proposal that the business community has not had the opportunity to review and weigh in on.

Click here to contact your city council members. (This link includes phone numbers and email addresses of council members, as well as instructions on how to testify before the full council meeting.)

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