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Aurora, Commerce City, Broomfield Pass Third Party Delivery Fee Caps on First Hearing; Proposals Head to Final Votes

We have been working hard to push for additional adoption of delivery fee caps in Colorado cities. The Aurora City Council, Commerce City, and Broomfield city councils have all passed proposals to temporarily cap third-party delivery fees at 15 percent on the first hearings. The proposals would also prohibit third-party delivery companies from using a restaurant’s menu or information without the restaurant’s consent. All three proposals need one more full Council vote before they become law. 

Denver Considering Mitigation Plan

We hear that Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is likely to make an announcement regarding COVID mitigation efforts this week because of rising case counts, but leaders have assured us that they are also hoping to avoid a shutdown and are working with the State on alternative options.

Expert Post: Why You Should Consider a Virtual Kitchen—Now

Virtual kitchens, with their low barriers to entry and focus on streamlined delivery, are a smart and inexpensive way to get food into customers’ hands. Our partners at Society Insurance detailed four reasons why a virtual kitchen could be the smartest move during these challenging times. Read more here.

PPP Factsheet for Borrowers Now Available

A PPP factsheet for borrowers that provides a high-level overview of what they have to do as part of the PPP Forgiveness process has been developed for SBA field offices and SBA Resource Partners.

Borrowers should work with their PPP lenders on forgiveness in all cases.

Find the link to the document here or at

Federal Reserve Board Adjusts Main Street Lending Program to Better Serve Smaller Businesses

The Federal Reserve Board made changes to the Main Street Lending Program, including lowering the minimum loan size from $250,000 to $100,000, to better serve small businesses.  More information, including the press release and links to the updated term sheets and FAQs, can be found here

Louisville’s Coal Creek Golf Course Seeking Concessionaire

Coal Creek Golf Course is seeking a qualified concessionaire to provide food and beverage services. The request for proposal can be found here. Questions should be directed to Nathan Mosley at

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