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Red and white parking sign indicating no parking and loading zone.
Denver and Boulder restaurants can get free loading and curbside zone permits to accommodate increased takeout traffic. / Jason Finn ©

How to Apply for Denver’s Temp Loading Zone Program & Boulder’s Curbside Pickup Zone Program


The City and County of Denver created this program in April as part of its COVID-19 response due to requests from businesses and BIDs, primarily restaurants wanting to support curbside pick-up. This program utilizes metered, non-metered, and existing valet/loading zones. Meter permits and RSOP permits are issued free of charge and are “not issued to a specific business but as a community/public good.” Temp loading zone spaces can be utilized by a variety of adjacent businesses and are “sized appropriately to accommodate demand.” The current program runs through October 31, 2021, mirroring the Patio Expansion Program timeframe. 

Businesses and BIDs may request a temp loading zone via email to the Denver Curbside & Parking team (, or by calling 311. Requests are then “evaluated by staff and approved or denied based on the amount of current loading on the block.”


As part of its efforts to support local businesses recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Boulder is offering a Curbside Pick-Up Zone program, which will operate through February 28, 2021, a date which may be extended. The program converts some existing loading zones and other parking spaces in downtown Boulder and on University Hill for general curbside pick-up use. The program also provides an online application for new curbside pick-up zones for businesses that are not in the vicinity of an existing zone. These curbside pick-up zones will be free of charge for 10 minutes to provide patrons and services enough time to pick-up orders, and will be clearly signed in English and Spanish.

Businesses can apply online here.

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