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Hostess Twinkie sponge cake in a clear cellophane wrapper.
This is not the eight-year-old Twinkie you're looking for. / Steve Meddle ©

Here are the articles that have caught our eye this week.

The Court of Master Sommeliers has already been in the news for cheating. Now it’s facing even more serious allegations of sexual harassment and assault within its ranks. (Read its milquetoast response here.)

Isaac Asimov’s lesser-known Fourth Law of Robotics has recently been discovered among the late sci-fi author’s papers: A robot must make delicious smoothies.

In equally fascinating and revolting news, it turns out Twinkies aren’t quite immortal. Click through for the internet content you really want (the pictures, of course).

In what we hope is a precedent for courts nationwide, a North Carolina judge has ordered Cincinnati Insurance Co. to pay its business interruption claims.

Is Grubhub finally getting its just desserts in the form of a lawsuit? The third-party delivery app is getting sued for adding eateries to their platform without permission.

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