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These are a few of our favorite things this week.

Golden-brown cooked ducks hang in a row in a steaming hot kitchen.
Flavorful Origins spotlights both well-known and less-so ingredients in regional Chinese cooking. /

Here’s what we’re enjoying this week:

The third season of Flavorful Origins, a deep dive into Chinese cuisine, dropped on Netflix last week; this season focuses on food from the Gansu region (previous seasons covered Chaoshan and Yunnan). It serves up 10-minute vignettes very clearly targeted to Chinese—not Western—audiences and offers a fascinating glimpse into the tastes of another culture.

DoorDash recently announced its plan to go public. Surely there are some finance wonks who can spin a company that lost $137 million dollars in 2020 (delivering food during a pandemic, people) as a good investment, but we’ll pass.

Can something no restaurant was considering ten months ago, the now-ubiquitous meal kit, keep customers coming back, or is it just another red herring for the industry?

Before much of Colorado went to Level Red, there were still people who showed up to sit in dining rooms, seemingly without a thought for social distancing and mask protocols. Are people who eat indoors at restaurants right now clueless, selfish, or deluded? Maybe they’re just comparative optimists.

Grab the tissues for Family Secrets, a podcast that pulls back the curtain on families’ deepest, darkest secrets—addiction, affairs, assumed identities—and how discovering the truth changes the people’s lives.

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