Video: How to Embrace Change and Increase Profits in Your Beverage Program

It's no secret that drinks mean profit in the hospitality industry. Don't let your bar program be an afterthought.

Two glasses of whiskey and ice on the wooden table. The glasses are stacked on top of each other.
That clinking sound you hear? It's rocks in the glass and coins in your pocket. / Alexander Kuzmin ©

You’re looking to squeeze every cent of profit out of your operation these days. One area ripe for redesign: your bar program. In this, webinar, operator Scott Engelman (Carl’s Tavern and Truffle Pig in Steamboat Springs) and Heidi Klein (vice president of on-premise sales at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits) team up to tackle the question of how beverages can boost your bottom line.

This webinar is courtesy of the Colorado Restaurant Association’s Colorado Restaurant & Bar Show Virtual Education Series. Future videos are scheduled to include discussions about effective crisis communication and use of social media.To attend upcoming sessions after the New Year (including ones that tackle additional revenue streams and how to leverage social media) or see other videos, click here.

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