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Two red wine glasses in front of the setting sun. Balcony view with Caribbean sea background
Be careful what you call this wine. / pashapixel ©

Have a look at things old, new, borrowed (from around the internet) and evergreen (not blue):

It doesn’t even need explaining (we hope!) why words like “slutty” should disappear from the lexicon of wine descriptors. But what about “cassis”? 

Check out Eater’s data-driven dive into gentrification and restaurants—and how the pandemic might accelerate the process of “revitalization”. 

Someone find the fortune teller who predicted the shitshow that is 2020; we want to give them a medal. In the meantime, is it even worth trying to predict what will be hot in 2021? Some ambitious people think so.

Slouching towards Bethlehem…or efforting towards synergy. Does corporate jargon spell the end of days, or just the end of the English language?

Need advice? Yeah, you do. Get it on the Dear Prudence podcast, which covers everything from what to do when your kid pretends to be a demon (“A Gift Too Far,” July 22) to how to tell your wife she’s too stupid to homeschool your kids during a pandemic (“Back to Home School,” October 28.)

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