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Here's what's worth paying attention to for the week of December 16.

Man's hand holding a bowl of potato chips while others take chips, with beer bottles visible in corner of shot.
Beer and chips are a nutritionally balanced meal....right? / milkos ©1

Now that you’ve had your daily dose of the greatest quartet to ever hit Miami, see what else we’ve been eyeing this week:

Find out how beer and potato chips are teaming up to save the planet.

What’s the recipe for memorable food in video games? Find out here.

It’s no surprise that 2020 has brought more holiday takeout, but what about 2019 had people saying, “I’d like to order my holiday meal to go, please“?

Yes, it’s possible. Find out how restaurants are reclaiming their businesses in the era of food delivery.

Find out why The Golden Girls Cookbook is the one cookbook you want for Christmas this year.

What made you pause this week? It doesn’t even have to be food-related; email your recommendations to


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