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Cotton candy machines fight COVID, and other news.

Woman making cotton candy using modern machine indoors, closeup
Cotton candy is tasty, but it can't protect you from COVID. / Olga Yastremska ©

From the sweet smell of nostalgia to something far fouler at the nation’s meatpacking plants, here’s what we’re reading about this week:

Eater on the golden age of the Golden Arches and the “sinister genius” of vintage McDonald’s marketing.

No PPE? No problem—just get yourself a cotton candy machine and make your own protective gear.

Has the hotel restaurant changed forever? See how empty hotel rooms are filling a need for private dining

Party like it’s 2020 (by that we mean downing eight bottles of bubbly sitting along on your couch) this NYE.   

In a revelation that should surprise no one (especially coming on the heels of disgusting behavior by Tyson execs), immigrant workers whose living arrangements and behavior were blamed for spreading COVID in meatpacking plants are actually not the source of continued outbreaks. 

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