Video: What Does The Future Hold?

Part of the Colorado Restaurant & Bar Show Virtual Education Series.

Crystal ball, taro cards and sage sticks for seeing the future against a dark gray background.
Nobody saw 2020 coming. / Kichigin Aleksandr ©

The National Restaurant Association’s Hudson Riehle and Mike Whatley are looking at what 2021’s going to be dropping on your doorstep (hopefully it’s not in a brown paper bag and on fire). They’re mining this year’s data to predict what will happen economically and politically in the next twelve months.

The short version: If you can hang on, things will probably get better next year (though business won’t return to pre-COVID levels). The good news: Customers really want restaurants to reopen; there’s big pent-up demand, and consumer confidence in the Rocky Mountain region is actually pretty high. The bad news: It’s unlikely we’ll see any huge relief coming from Washington after the second round of PPP funding was authorized.

Settle in, knock back a slug of whatever you have handy (eggnog, whiskey, rum, all of the above) and contemplate the next year of your existence.

This webinar is courtesy of the Colorado Restaurant Association’s Colorado Restaurant & Bar Show Virtual Education Series. To attend upcoming sessions in this series (including ones that tackle social media skills and crisis communication) or watch past videos, click here.

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