CRA: State of the 5 Star Certification Program

Curated news from the CRA: An updated list of 5 Star counties, Denver ballot initiatives, contract tracing, and Centennial liquor license fees.

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At least 5 Star certified operators in at least one county—Broomfield, the lucky ducks—can now operate in Level Yellow; here’s hoping other counties aren’t far behind. We’ve also got a contract tracing service that could help lure customers back to your spot; initiatives that could end up on Denver’s ballot that would definitely affect eateries; and good news for Centennial spots.

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Eligibility Restrictions in 5 Star Framework

Restaurateurs, we have heard your frustrations regarding eligibility restrictions for the 5 Star Program for restaurants with citations or any other formal notice of public health violations. We want you to know that we have been working with state and local officials to have this language in the state’s framework changed to make the program more inclusive. 

We will update you on any revisions to this requirement.

5 Star State Certification Program County Guide

We are beginning to see restaurants reopen their indoor dining rooms at a limited capacity in counties with approved 5 Star State Certification Programs. Counties interested in implementing the 5 Star State Certification Program must submit a variance application for State approval. Once approved, the county can then launch its application for businesses. Interested businesses can apply for the program through their local county application system. Approved restaurants can then utilize the capacity guidelines and last call hours of the next, less restrictive dial level.

We will continue to provide an updated list of counties with approved 5 Star State Certification Programs and how to find details on the specifics of the program and application process in each county:

You can also access our 5 Star County Guide on our website here. You can read more about the 5 Star State Certification Program here.

Can Contract Tracing be a Marketing Solution for Restaurants?

We think so.

The Wifi Company provides you with the technology needed to fulfill contact tracing requirements AND give you the information you need to communicate with your customers during these extremely challenging times. How will you let them know that you have opened your doors again? That you are going above and beyond to make sure they feel welcome and safe in your space? Now is the time to up your marketing game by capturing data so that you have the power to reach customers quickly – this could be a key tool in your survival kit.

Reach out to John Bailey today and get a 50% discount on your first three months of service!

You can reach John at 303-903-7263, toll free at 877-949-9434 or via email at

Two Ballot Initiatives That Would Affect Restaurants Proposed for Denver’s November Ballot 

Climate activists have proposed two new initiatives for Denver’s November 2021 ballot.  The “Polluters Must Pay” initiative stipulates that Denver commercial, industrial, and residential property owners would receive a monthly allowance for how much electricity and natural gas they can use. Any building owner who exceeds this amount will have to pay extra. The “Waste No More” initiative requires all businesses, and specifically mentions restaurants, to provide compost and recycling pickup services. 

These initiatives are still in the formative stages and need 9,000 signatures in order to be put on the ballot. We will update you as these issues evolve. 

Centennial Waives Liquor License Fees

Last night, the Centennial City Council voted to waive their local liquor license application fees, some renewal fees and COVID-19 Modification fees, consistent with Senate Bill 20B-001, which Governor Polis signed into law December 7. This waiver is in effect until December 7, 2021. 

We are thrilled to see local governments begin to waive these fees for restaurants and are pushing other cities and counties to do the same.

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