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A treatise on the word "moist," true crime, and takeout subscription packages.

Sliced banana bread with walnuts on a wooden cutting board
How about a nice soggy, clammy, damp, moisture-laden piece of banana bread? / Elena Shashkina ©

Here’s what caught our eyes (and ears) this week:

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it (even if it was just eight months ago): Food & Wine pulls a Bon Appétit

When the alternatives to the word “moist” are even worse (damp cake, anyone?), perhaps it’s time to reclaim the much-reviled word.

Consider the restaurant takeout subscription as another revenue stream.

True crime fans won’t want to miss Night Stalker, Netflix’s four-part documentary on the hunt for Richard Ramirez, though be warned—a strong stomach is required for the goriest scenes.

How a 43-year-old Polish deli became a Lebanese grocery store during a pandemic (and whether the new proprietor managed to retain any of the spot’s loyal long-time customers).

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