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André 3000's grandmama is turning in her grave. Also: socially conscious vampires.

Old vintage cookbook and wooden ladle closeup on wooden table.
Are your old family recipes low-key racist? / gioiak2 ©

In yet another reason to love the rapper, André 3000 gave up the secrets to his family’s apple pie recipe on Instagram.     

Epicurious is scouring its archive of recipes dating back 55 years to scrub them of obviously problematic words (exotic, ethnic) as well as more surprising terms (surprising). 

Two words: locavore vampires. Now streaming on Amazon.       

Restaurateur Keith McNally’s incessant name-dropping may not be that relatable, but his pain over closing NYC icon Balthazar (albeit temporarily) will resonate with businesses owners everywhere.

Netflix’s History of Swear Words is a shallow but entertaining dive into the history of profanity and proves (once again) that host Nicolas Cage is the epitome of failing up.     

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