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Here's what made us think (and gag) in the last couple of weeks.

Red, white, and yellow In-n-out Burger chain bag sitting in the fast food restaurant location.
You might be able to taste a few other things at In N Out, too. / David Tran ©

Here’s a a reminder that no workplace—even a clean restaurant—is immune to a COVID outbreak.  

Colin Kaepernick remains iced out of the NFL, but he’s the face of a new Ben & Jerry’s flavor.

Read how months of inhumane isolation for cruise ship employees resulted in a spate of suicides.

An ex-employee of David Chang talks about why the famously volatile chef’s new memoir, Eat a Peach, isn’t quite the mea culpa Chang thinks it is.

If 2020 was a burger, it would be topped with sardines and Jell-O.

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