One-Stop Shop for Outside Denver Dining

Everything restaurants need to know about outdoor dining in Denver—in one place.

Outdoor cafe table and chairs covered in a thick layer of snow.
After a year that had us questioning everything, it's worth a reminder: This is still "outside." / Nina Vlassova ©

Owners and operators have a lot of questions these days. Many of them begin, “What the hell…?” (or a less polite variant).

We can’t help with some of them, but we can provide an answer to, “Where am I supposed to apply for this damn permit?” and “How am I supposed to keep all this patio crap straight?” The below webinar from the Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA) was held January 6; it goes over all the ins and outs of indoor versus outdoor dining in the City of Denver. Officials from Denver’s health, transportation and infrastructure, community planning, and fire departments are all on the call, so you don’t have to spend hours you don’t have scouring the city website trying to cross-reference rules and regulations about patios, heaters, and tents.

Skip to 40:00 for the Q&A session, and to see a transcript of all questions asked in the chat, click here. (You can also find these and other resources on the CRA’s website.) Questions that will not (and perhaps cannot) be answered? “When will this shitstorm be over?” and “Who in Sam Hill made these dumb rules?” Some things remain a mystery.

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