Slow Meat Comes To Your Kitchen

Slow Food USA and Niman Ranch are bringing recipes for home-cured bacon, grass-fed beef, and wasna to you.

Dark brown American buffalo standing in a field of dry grass.
This guy can outrun you, but he can still be Slow Meat. / Weldon Schloneger ©

It remains to be seen whether the Slow Food Nations festival will return to Denver in 2021, but until then, you can get the snail’s eye view of meat as Niman Ranch and Slow Food USA join forces for four free Slow Meat webinars.

First: snort, giggle. (Yes, we’re 12-year-old boys at heart over here.)

Second: the serious stuff. The series begins Wednesday, January 20, with “Bacon with Adrian,” when chef Adrian Lipscombe awalks you through home curing bacon (easier than it sounds), her recipe for bacon jam (the perfect gift), and discusses her 40 Acres & A Mule project that’s designed to support Black farmers and preserve Black foodways.

Future webinars include:

  • Cook Grass-Fed Beef Like a Pro: Chef Juan Barajas talks about what he looks for on the labels of grass-fed beef, what dishes are particularly suited to the product, and his tips and tricks for cooking it perfectly (Wednesday, January 27).
  • Make Your Own Tanka Bar: Wasna—dried buffalo meat and cranberries—is a traditional Lakota preparation, but it’s being marketed in the 21st century in the form of Tanka Bars, a decidedly modern food bar. The makers of the brand will demo the process of making your own wasna (Wednesday, February 3).
  • What’s the Beef?: The panel focuses on the 2023 Farm Bill and other upcoming legislative efforts that affect our meat supply system. Participants will talk about family farms and ranches, animal welfare, regenerative ag, and meat and poultry workers (Wednesday, February 10).

All webinars take place at noon MST; walk (don’t run) to sign up for the free Slow Meat series on Slow Food USA’s website.

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