The Importance of Planning Your Audio-Visual Installation

Leopold Bros. distillery tasting room with sales counter, logo on wall and AV equipment mounted on wall.
The Satori Edge outfits all kinds of spaces. / Courtesy The Satori Edige

At the Satori Edge, we emphasize planning to ensure you achieve the greatest long-term value from your audio-visual investment. Every day we are confronted with emerging technologies and evolving applications, from video-conferencing, automation, security and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), all of which we must master along with our other disciplines of inspired sound & vision. Whether you aim to design a superior hospitality experience, or simply desire more convenience & productivity at home, our focus on planning gives you adaptability and the peace of mind of knowing your smart network can flex to meet changing demand and unforeseen circumstances.

Courtesy The Satori Edge

Creating order from chaos is just another day in the life of the Satori Edge. The photo above depicts the before and after of a complex wiring installation. While this particular project was for a high-end residential client, it exemplifies a typical commercial installation where wiring is a critical step for video, sound, security and other smart network functions. For example, we apply a similar focus for restaurant clients looking for lighting automation, high-definition TVs and environmental sound design to help elevate their atmosphere to the same degree of quality as their food. This meticulous organization is what it takes to distribute audio and video from multiple sources across your space via an integrated control system utilizing the most appropriate user interface for your needs and providing total control at your fingertips.

The measure of our success at Satori Edge is creating seamless immersive experience, whether it’s for your guests or enjoyed solely by the members of your household. We believe the technology should work simply & transparently so you can enjoy an intuitive hassle-free audio-visual experience.

Technology Solutions for Featured Project

Control System: Savant Pro

Network Distribution: RUCKUS

Working with the Satori Edge

Satori Edge provides expert design and installation services to owners, architects, general contractors and interior designers for commercial & residential audio-visual and control systems, boardroom communications, media distribution networks, video security systems, and acoustic treatments.

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