Activism and Alcohol (Not at the Same Time)

Short on staff, and shorter on patience with your lawmakers? Learn how to manage both in a pair of upcoming webinars. Plus: The LED website has a new look.

screenshot of Colorado's Liquor Enforcement Board homepage.
Will the state liquor board's new website make it any easier to do business? /

The Colorado Restaurant Association’s webinars are back, with a particularly timely session scheduled for next week: a crash course on how to talk to lawmakers and media so you get the results you want. There’s also an upcoming webinar from hospitality tech consulting firm Fourth on labor forecasting in wildly uncertain times. And the Liquor Enforcement Division has redesigned its website; find out if the new one is any better than the old (and give ’em an earful if it’s not).

The following information comes from the CRA’s February 18 newsletter. Sign up to receive the full version here. And take a gander at its Coronavirus Resource Center and COVID-19 Reopening Resources for general info.

Join Us for a Colorado Restaurant and Bar Show Virtual Education Session: How You Can Engage With Elected Officials and the Media and Help Us Achieve Big Aims

Join us Wednesday, February 24, at 2:30 p.m. for the 2021’s first installment of the Colorado Restaurant and Bar Show: Virtual Education Series!

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the resilient people behind Colorado’s restaurants displayed incredible creativity and perseverance. After nearly a year, we are beginning to get a grasp on the public health crisis — it’s now urgent that our elected officials address the crisis facing our economy and our communities. The outcomes of the 2021 State Legislative Session will be critical to the survival of restaurants; our industry needs to be loud and united in our asks from lawmakers.

This installment of the Colorado Restaurant and Bar Show: Virtual Education Session takes you through the ways YOU can assist the survival of the industry. Nick Hoover and Mollie Steinemann, Colorado Restaurant Association’s (CRA) Government Affairs Managers, will present our legislative priorities for the upcoming State Legislative Session and best practices for effectively communicating our message to lawmakers. Laura Shunk, CRA VP of Communication, will download how to use the media as a tool to put pressure on both legislators and the public to do more to support restaurants. There will be time for Q&A.

Wednesday, February 24 | 2:30 p.m. | Register here

Provide Feedback for Liquor Enforcement Division’s Website

The Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) is launching a new website that will help licensees, industry stakeholders, and members of the public find the information they need quickly and easily. The new website, designed to improve and enhance the user experience, provides information on the division, including online resources and pertinent information on the division’s regulatory role in licensing, enforcement and investigations, compliance, and outreach.

The new website can be accessed here.  

If you would like to give LED feedback on the new website, please complete the website feedback here

Labor Forecasting the Digital Economy: Webinar From Fourth

Labor forecasting may feel impossible right now with the variability in sales brought on by COVID-19. The truth is, right now is a great time to re-think your labor forecasting strategy. 

Common questions that operators are struggling with: 

  • How have the tasks in each job function changed? Are greeters sanitizing doorknobs? Are cooks packaging to-go orders?
  • How many BOH team members are required to accommodate your new channels?
  • Are new roles needed to fulfill the operational changes you have made in your store?

March 2 at 12:00 p.m., join our partners at Fourth for an insightful discussion led by forecasting experts and fellow operator, Joe LoBuglio, Sr. Director of Ops at Bojangles. Find out how Bojangles and other operators have successfully adapted their labor model to meet the change in demand. 

Register here.

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