Age of the Aperitivo

Atōst answers the call of the modern drinker.

Two cordial glasses filled with red liquid against blurred green background.
It's a wine! It's a spirit! It's...Atōst? / Olga Yastremska ©

“The idea was created out of our own problem and discovery,” says Kyle Pressman, who along with his wife Cindy, co-founded the Golden-based aperitivo company Atōst. “Cindy is more of a white wine drinker. I’m more of a spirits drinker, and after dumping too many half-bottles of wine, we wanted to meet in the middle.” Enter Atōst, a line of aperitivos that can be sipped over ice, dressed up with bubbles, diluted with seltzer, or stirred into cocktails. Think of it as the modern Campari, except with four flavors—Roots (earthy), Bloom (floral), Citrus, and Woods (barrel-aged). The bonus: Atōst, which rings in at 21 percent ABV, is legally a wine in Colorado, which means that restaurants with only a beer and wine license can still pour the spirit.

Glass bottle filled with orange liquid and labeled with Atōst Roots.
Atōst’s versatility sets it apart from other beverages. / Courtesy Atōst

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