High Tea

The benefits of tea expand far beyond the cup and saucer.

Three white, pink, and gold teacups stacked within each other.
Tea doesn't just come in cups anymore.

For years, the tea industry has pushed into the culinary realm but now, as guests routinely seek out “better for you” and wellness-based products, tea is reaching new heights. Below are some creative ideas to mine, and don’t overlook ready-to-drink teas that are perfectly suited to takeout and curbside.

Based out of Boulder, Ku Cha House of Tea is the biggest importer of traditional teas in the Rocky Mountain West. A recent partnership with the Ginger Pig has brought it into the culinary space as well.

Idea worth stealing

Advertise tea and food pairings, like the Ginger Pig’s char siu with Ku Cha’s Jasmine Oolong tea.

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Use tea as an ingredient in dishes like green tea–marinated salmon or smoky Lapsang souchong-rubbed steak.

You can find Teakoe teas in Colorado establishments like Larkburger, Hacienda Colorado, and Troy Guard restaurants. Company founder Pete Jokisch says Teakoe’s premise is to “create flavor profiles that customers can get behind, [that] pair well with food, and complement the restaurant’s concept.” 

Idea worth stealing

Consider flavor combinations like cayenne and ginger or pear and garden mint as a jumping off point for your own dishes.

More inspiration

Put cans of the Teakoe’s fizzy tea on the menu and watch them fly.

Six varieties of loose leaf tea in shades of brown, black, and green.
Loose or canned, tea can up your beverage program. / oksix © 123RF.com

All of Teatulia’s organic, sustainably grown teas are grown in the company’s tea garden in Bangladesh. In 2019, Teatulia was ahead of the curve when it began canning its ingenious tea sodas in flavors like mint tea with hibiscus lemonade.

Idea worth stealing

Teatulia’s founder Linda Appel Lipsius ups the ante on shortbread cookies by flavoring them with her Earl of Bengal black tea.

More inspiration

Incorporate tea blends into cocktails.

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