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We're dating ourselves with recollections of VHS-enabled matchmaking. Plus: What do you eat when you have no sense of taste, and a puzzle-making prodigy.

Close up of crossword puzzle and pen
We can't even plan next week's menu in pen. / Tom Holt ©

Tinder is unquestionably awful. But was its precursor (video dating, olds!) any better?

One of COVID’s characteristic symptoms—loss of taste and smell—is enough to drive anyone mad. Here’s how a handful of people are eating after months of dysfunction.

What’s a five-letter word for someone who didn’t publish a crossword in The New York Times when they were 17?

Your pancakes just got less racist.

 Why grab-and-go restaurants are suddenly gobbling up leases, and why you’d better move quickly if you want to do the same.

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