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This week's (partial) list of things that are dumb: Ghost kitchens; two Florida women; and Florida health officials. Also: Beware of local meat.

Black and brown dog wearing a white bonnet.
If you live in Florida, this German Shepherd has just cut in front of you in the vaccine line. / Olena Kurashova ©

Here’s what we’ve been reading and watching this week:

Are ghost kitchens a harmless poltergeist or a malevolent entity?

Motel Hell might make you rethink local meat. Rent the campy 1980 horror flick that introduces us to Farmer Vincent, an artisanal, Slow Food-type meat producer whose only regret is that he used preservatives, on Amazon.

How green chile cheeseburgers, spicy milkshakes, and a strong agricultural network are keeping Hatch, N.M.’s Sparky’s hopping.   

What do you eat when you’re alone on the open ocean for 70 days (on purpose)?

The tale of two Florida women who dressed up as elderly retirees to get their hands on vaccines begs the question: Whose grandma wears a bonnet

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