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Bad news for cooks; good news for diners eating another culture's food.

Skewered bright yellow squid ready for grilling on a bright green banana leaf.
There are rules for when, where, and how to eat everything. / Korrakot Sittivash ©

Here’s what made us stop and think this week:

A recent study’s findings suggest line cooks’ health really is on the line: They may have a higher mortality rate than healthcare workers during COVID.

Turn on your English subtitles and settle in for a historic tour of something we used to call “restaurants.”

The conventional wisdom about minimum wage increases—that they’ll result in massive job losses and inflation—is increasingly in doubt.

Why the answer to “Am I eating this wrong?” is “Probably” (and why it doesn’t matter).

We all know COVID changed the way restaurants work. How will it change what they look like (literally)?

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