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Juicers worthy of your bar.

If the juice ain't worth the squeeze...try one of these products. / nicolkulish ©

When it comes time for a bar manager to commit to a juicer, one must consider volume, juice demand, and frequency of use. Some bartenders favor hand squeezing, while others require electric assistance. Here are picks for both form and function.

Chrome and silver electric citrus juicer.
Breville juicers will run you $100 to $400.

“For freshly pressed juice, I use the Breville juicer ($100 and up). For citrus, I hand squeeze lemons and limes, but this may change as demand for cocktails and [our] popularity are increasing.” —Makeda Gebre, former bar manager, the Ginger Pig, Denver

Electric orange juicer
The Zumex is an investment at over $2,000—but it’s not the most expensive juicer on our list.

“We splurged on a Zumex ($2,500 and up). The amount of time it cuts down on labor paid for itself in year one. We also use a Dynamic PA96 ($350 and up), which juices a full case without overheating, and has a screen to catch pulp.” —Steven Waters, owner, Run for the Roses, Denver

Black and chrome manual juicer.
The Hamilton Beach 932 has speed on its side.

“The Hamilton Beach 932 commercial citrus juicer ($199 and up) is my favorite because it’s great at extracting juice out of round citrus and once you get good at using it, it’s extremely fast.” —Carlos Garcia, director of sales, Lee Spirits Co., Colorado Springs 

Yellow, gray, and black industrial juicer.
This Goodnature juicer is top-of-the-line, but you don’t have to splurge on it to get good squeeze.

“The Goodnature X-1 ($5,000 and up) turns cases of fruit into juice instantly. They’re what a transformer would turn into if they were disguising themselves as kitchen equipment. I’d consider skipping rent to afford one.” —Daryl Pryor, bar manager, Brass Tacks, Denver 

Black electric juicer
Robot Coupe attachments fit the bill for heavy-duty juicing.

“We use a table-mounted RovSun hand juicer ($70 and up) as well as two attachments for our Robot Coupe (pictured). The RovSun is reliable and the Robot Coupe attachments ($150 and up) are useful for heavier duty juicing.” —Mat Guzzetti, bar manager, Root & Flower, Vail

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