To Denver, With Love Wants Your Restaurant Pics

Money can't buy love, but restaurant and bar workers can get both with this fundraiser.

Illustration in lime green, navy blue, and white of two people dressed in winter gear eating outside at a restaurant.
All merch proceeds go to the Angel Relief Fund, which supports Colorado hospitality workers. / Courtesy To Denver, With Love

Take a stroll down memory lane to a simpler time: A time when you could go to a restaurant (for work or relaxation) without donning seven layers of tactical and protective gear; a time when the dude at the next table was merely loud—but wasn’t practicing germ warfare—with his deafening laugh; a time when entitled customers just wanted a free order of pork belly instead of a debate on the legal and political implications of a face mask.

Now take a stroll through your camera roll, pick your best restaurant and bar photos (or even your worst photos, as long as they reflect your best restaurant and bar memories), and upload them to the Living Love Wall.

The online mosaic will be part of To Denver, With Love, a fundraiser for the Angel Relief Fund, which pays emergency hardship grants to any qualifying Colorado hospitality worker. For every pic uploaded to the Living Love Wall, restaurant software company SpotOn will donate $3.03 to the Fund. If you post those same photos on Instagram or Facebook and tag the restaurant, SpotOn will also donate $3.03 to each business. You can also support the fundraiser by buying merch; 100 percent of proceeds from the sale of hats, shirts, tote bags, and glassware will go to the Fund.

Upload your photos at any time before (or after!) the fundraiser goes live on Tuesday, March 2, so every perfectly focused sandwich photo, every dimly lit pic of a cocktail and giant ice cube, every blurry photo of a row smiling faces will help out a struggling restaurant worker who needs not only all the love Denver has to offer, but also some of its dollars.

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