ED Talks Announces Final Lineup

ED Talks' full lineup includes Sen. John Hickenlooper, Mariah Kunkel, and Niki Russ Federman.

Beer bottle with label of John Hickenlooper's face on it.
Hick—who's known for being on (and at the bottom of) bottles of beer—is part of this year's ED Talks. / youtube.com

Last week, EatDenver announced the complete speaker lineup at its (mostly) annual ED Talks, the restaurant-themed version of TED Talks. Three of six speakers—Marcus Samuelsson, Eve Turow-Paul, and Patrick Mulvaney—had already been announced for the March 24 lectures (see our previous post for more details).

The remainder of the lineup has now been finalized:

  • Senator John Hickenlooper: newly elected U.S. senator, former Colorado governor and Denver mayor, Wynkoop Brewing co-founder, and scooter aficionado. Hick will be talking about the state of the state’s restaurant industry and its prospects for economic recovery.
  • Mariah Kunkel: spirits marketing pro, Pasifika Project co-founder, and educator talks about the intersection between cancel culture and tiki culture.
  • Niki Russ Federman: fourth-generation restaurant owner and caviar fanatic. Federman will talk about longevity even in the face of monumental challenges.

This year, the industry-adjacent folks (stalwart restaurant goers, adventurous eaters and drinkers, culinary trend trackers) will also be able to watch the 10-minute talks along with Denver’s industry pros.

Katie Lazor, executive director of EatDenver, says of the decision to open up ED Talks to all, “This year, we’ll terribly miss getting together as a group in-person for our largest member event of the year, but that also means we’re not limited by a venue size. Since we have the opportunity to hear from such an incredible lineup of speakers, like Marcus Samuelsson, we don’t want to arbitrarily limit that access. We’ve been working on this event—what topics are important to our industry right now and which leaders have relevant and impactful messages for this moment in time—for months, and we want to share these thought-provoking and empowering messages with as many people that are interested.”

Sign up for the free webinar, which will be live-streamed from 9 to 11 a.m. on Wednesday, March 24, on EatDenver’s website. And remember to use code “EDTALKS2021” on the Tattered Cover’s website for 10 percent off your purchase of The Rise or Hungry: Avocado Toast, Instagram Influencers, and Our Search for Connection and Meaning (by ED Talkers Marcus Samuelsson and Eve Turow-Paul, respectively) through Wednesday, March 31.

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