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Gin-soaked raisins are the newest superfood.

Bottle of orange Gatorade on blue turf with blurred stadium background
Sharpen your magical thinking skills. Beer is the new performance beverage. / Celso Pupo ©

Here’s what made us stop our doomscrolling (just for a moment) this week. We even read to the end of all these articles!

Short on ideas for outdoor dining? We guarantee you haven’t thought of these. Bonus: They all taste like freedom.

Forty percent of small businesses got shut out of emergency loans and grants during COVID in a predominantly Latinx Denver neighborhood.

The ability of humans to convince ourselves of anything—including that beer is a “performance beverage”—is truly inspiring.

Step Aside, Los Pollos Hermanos. Your new favorite food mascot is Tigre Toño

Meet the 105-year-old woman (and future QAnon darling?) who beat COVID with gin-soaked raisins.

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