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Artifice, avocados, and data analysis.

Whole dark green avocado and half-avocado with pit sitting on wooden table in front of blurred green background.
If avocado is good for your skin, think how great avocado sponges will be. / Phonlawat Chaicheevinlikit ©

Here’s what DiningOut staff is reading, watching, and laughing at this week:

Competing with ghost kitchens is bad enough—now you’ve got to battle entire virtual franchises? Someone call the restaurant exorcist.

Anyone with a healthy sense of schadenfreude will find themselves absorbed by Made You Look, a tale of the über-rich getting über-conned.

After months of calls by the restaurant industry for hard evidence (not just modeling data) linking indoor restaurant dining to COVID case spikes, the Centers for Disease Control provided just that.

Southern Hustle is a beautifully written and even more beautifully photographed ode to fried chicken and Houston hip-hop.

For a year, everyone’s been talking about developing diverse revenue streams—why not try a makeup collab? Chipotle’s taking the plunge. No, this isn’t a joke, and yes, the avocado makeup sponges are adorable.

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