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Tortoises, orangutans, and chickens: It's all about the wildlife this week.

Giant Galapagos tortoise with its head out of its shell.
That's the look your grocery delivery tortoise gives when you don't tip. / maridav ©

Here’s what we’re reading this week.

We have just two questions: Is robot grocery delivery really what we need as a society right now? And why isn’t Albertsons using real tortoises

Why the feet from your Nashville hot chicken sandwiches aren’t showing up on menus—and why that’s a problem. 

Food & Wine has to remind its readers—yet again—that restaurant and bar workers are human beings and not soulless automatons.

This Black, White, and the Grey isn’t the memoir by John Morisano (white male entrepreneur) and Mashama Bailey (Black female chef) about how they opened a celebrated Savannah restaurant together. It’s a discussion between two friends (one white, one Black) about their reactions to the duo’s relationship, history, and power dynamic. And it’s fascinating even if you haven’t read the source material.

Congratulations, Karen! She won’t wear a mask and scratches her butt in public. Here’s why Karen, a literal orangutan, got vaccinated before you.

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