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Now not to plan a heist, and is eating alone in the woods really what you want to do this weekend?

Wooden bench and table made from logs next to a lake in a green forest.
It's pretty, but is this where you want to eat your first post-quarantine meal—alone? / Claudia Evans ©

How long will it take for this “perfect pandemic dining experience” to hit Colorado? We’ll buy a drink for the first eagle-eyed person to spot a solo table in the woods.

The gulf between “racist” and “racist racist” isn’t as large as you may think, according to one former bartender.

You say, “tomato;” I say, “tomahto.” You say, “not particularly conciliatory or demure” female chef; I say, “Leader. Period.”   

We don’t recommend you attempt to steal $5 million of rare books if you’re bored. But you should watch American Animals, a (sorta) documentary about four dudes who did. Now streaming on Amazon.

How xenophobia, racism, sexism, and sharp political divides affected the course of a deadly pandemic—300 years ago.   

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