Mending Mental Health

How are you doing? No, how are you doing, really? How are you feeeeling?

Woman wearing black shirt sitting in an office chair and talking to the camera.
Dr. Sara Metz is used to working with stressed out employees (that's you, bb).

Among other lessons 2020 taught us was how inadequate the question, “How are you doing?” can be. It’s an automatic query with equally automatic answers; who hasn’t instinctively parroted, “Oh, I’m fine,” in the last 12 months when you were actually the farthest thing from it?

The Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA) Weathering the Storm last week, a webinar on stress management from Dr. Sara Metz, a psychologist who specializes in working with emergency responders. She talks about how to recognize signs of stress in others, techniques for supporting your team (while keeping things professional), how to take action when you feel paralyzed and unmotivated, and why all the people around you who seem to be holding it together…probably aren’t.

Find a free resources starting at 40:23 (including a guide for managers concerned about their staff); the Q&A starts at 43:40.

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