Read My Lips: All New Taxes

Grant payments, loan payments, deductible expenses, employee retention tax credits: Here's what to know about them before April 15.

Three different U.S. tax forms
Taxes are going to look different this year. / manopphimsit © 123.RF

Between all the time in 2020 you spent managing to-go orders; arguing with Grubhub; laying off (then re-hiring, then re-laying off, then re-hiring) staff; keeping track of zero, 25, and 50 percent capacity (plus eight, nine, 10, 10:30, and 11 p.m. curfews); negotiating with your landlord; and having political debates with your customers, you became an expert in applications. Loan applications, grant applications, temporary patio expansion applications…you get it.

Now it’s tax time, and unlike last year, you’re not getting an automatic extension until July. So what to do about grant payments, forgivable loan payments, non-forgivable loan payments, deductible expenses, employee retention tax credits, and the million other things that have changed over the past year? The Colorado Restaurant Association put together this webinar as an overview of the forms and documentation you’ll need to get gather before you do the dreaded deed (or what you’ll need to shove in a shoebox and give to your accountant). Audience Q&A starts at 31:45.

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