All That Light

Lucas Price (of Telluride's La Cocina de Luz) describes his emotional profits and losses over the past 12 months.

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Courtesy Lucas Price

March 14, 2020: I had a great day up on the mountain. At around 5 p.m., I heard the news that Telluride Ski Resort was closing all operations immediately. I had just made very large food orders as we were gearing up for the last busy weeks of the season. Like everyone, I was in complete shock; I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.

It’s been a year of practiced patience.

As the months rolled on, all summer festivals were cancelled and lodging was greatly restricted, but Telluride still had plenty of visitors. It was refreshing to see so many families strolling down the sidewalks with no festivals to rush off to, no lines to queue up for. There was a lot of hiking, shopping, and eating outside in the main street dining areas created by the town. This was a very different Telluride. Energetically, things shifted: More personal conversations ensued, the town felt less commerce-driven, people were kinder to one another. As we return to whatever normal will be, let us all remember that slowed pace, that renewed benevolence, and all that grace.

It’s been a year of practiced patience, a balancing act of being in compliance to protect public health while also advocating for the needs of our staff and the survival of our businesses. The target keeps moving, but we see the light.

I am learning to meditate, to quiet my mind, to be present in the moment. Moving forward, I anticipate a greater ability to stay calm in challenging moments. I hope that society will reflect on how seeking nature helped it find equilibrium during the more difficult parts of COVID. I can see that we have also come to understand how much we value the simple things in life, like going out to a restaurant, hugging freely, and simply being together without fear.

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