Busy Work

The webinar is both necessary and reviled. How to manage the time suck.

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Has the webinar become the new meeting? / Copyright: photochicken

Ah, the webinar. Will it be a gold mine of critical information or a mind-numbing waste of time? By now, we’ve all figured out that listening to the recording after the fact (while hitting the treadmill, driving, running errands), is the ultimate multitasking strategy. But how to best make use of that time?

Doc Noe, cultural and human resources manager at Edible Beats, encourages a judicious approach. “Organize a list of the topics you need to learn about and others that you don’t,” he says. Then check the resources you already have. Got a question about liability insurance? Call your insurance company’s hotline. If you’re a member of Society for Human Resource Management, call them. “Go to the source first and see what you can cross off your list,” Noe says. Only after doing that should you turn to the webinar.

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