Are fine wines making a comeback?

Bottle of red wine being poured into a stemmed wine glass.
Raise a glass to things returning to normal.

The fine-wine industry took its lumps last year, but December looked to turn a page with the first increase in category sales since the first half of 2020. With vaccinations on the rise and dining-in volumes trending up, hope looks to be on the horizon.

This is true at Boulder’s high-end Flagstaff House: “It appears that…people are excited to come out and support restaurants,” says Ali Yakich, the restaurant’s beverage director.

Most telling, remarks Yakich, is the palpable change in guest intention. “It feels as if diners’ thoughts have changed slightly. They’re excited to come and dine with purpose. They want to treat themselves, their guests, and celebrate the restaurant,” she explains.

For Flagstaff House, this translates directly to higher wine sales. “Since [we have] such an extensive, exciting list, people are dining here for that purpose,” Yakich says. “They want to experience a wine from the 1960s, and they want to support our long list so that it will stay here for the long term.”

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