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Capitalizing on alcohol delivery.

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When this delivery includes booze, it's good news for both diners and restaurants.

Takeout and delivery continue to thrive, but what about booze to go? With restaurants permitted to deliver alcoholic beverages only if they manage their own delivery, the in-house model is more appealing than ever.

Audrey Quistorff, COO of Big Red F in Boulder, is responsible for the company’s delivery program, WeDeliver. “We chose to deliver ourselves because we wanted to keep as many of our employees working as possible. And as dining room capacities fluctuated, [the program] allowed us to rotate servers, hosts, and bar staff to delivery.”

Quistorff says WeDeliver’s economics are favorable, with roughly half of all delivery orders including alcohol. “We make delicious drinks and deliver them to let our guests indulge in cocktails that they wouldn’t necessarily make for themselves at home. We also deliver beer in crowlers and growlers that aren’t available any place else. Our guests tell us this a convenience for them—and we think they might choose us as a one-stop shop more frequently since we can do more for them.”

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