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Taxidermied goldfish, 40-foot-long vegetables, and the famously feisty French.

Single packet of Heinz tomato ketchup
This little guy is suddenly—incomprehensibly—worth its weight in gold. / Copyright: Peter Ekvall

Here’s what caught our eye this week:

See how the French managed to give the finger to their own culinary traditions and to Mexico’s at the same time.

You say, “Tomato;” I say, “Blecch.” Ketchup is the worst condiment, by a long shot. So why is the nation facing a shortage?

A lovely remembrance of John Prine—and his fondness for oysters, Arnold’s meat and three, and his taxidermied goldfish—a year after his death.

Meet Gerald and his 40-foot-long tromboncinos, which are obviously the only good thing on Twitter.

Think independent restaurants were the hardest hit during the past year? These numbers tell a different story.

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