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Soft, oozy wheel of white cheese with pink rind.
Cheese or "cheese"? / Copyright: Fabrizio Troiani

Here’s what we’re reading and (hate) watching this week:

Which smells more like feet: époisses or vegan cheese? Here’s the science that goes into creating a dairy-free cheese that actually tastes good.     

Who’s the market for Warheads candy-flavored hard seltzer: nostaligic Millennials or grizzled sour beer aficionados? 

Here’s what one study says about where the money paying for minimum wage increases is coming from. Hint: It’s not out of the owners’ pocketbooks. 

Here’s how own operator deals when recalcitrant Russians and other campers invading her restaurant.

Netflix documentaries haven’t always stood on terra firma, scientifically speaking  (WTF, What the Health?) Now, Seaspiracy wades into the waters of global overfishing. You’ll have to decide if it’s fish- or fearmongering.

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