Vax Clinic on Apr. 14; Here Come the Dance Police

An industry vaccine clinic is scheduled for April 14; learn what you can ask about workers' vax status; get your FAQs on the RRF answered; snag free kitchen gear; and know your rights when dancing in public.

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The Colorado Restaurant Association has announced an industry vaccine clinic on Wednesday, April 14; sign up for a spot no later than noon Tuesday, April 13. Plus, learn what you can and can’t ask your workers about their vaccination status and get familiar with an extensive FAQ from the National Restaurant Association about the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). It covers who is eligible (and who’s not); what documents you’ll need to apply; clarification on women- and veteran-owned businesses as well as restaurants owned by “socially and economically disadvantaged individuals”; and interactions with other COVID relief programs. And if you’re in need of extra kitchen gear, you may find some for free from the soon-to-be-shuttered Johnson & Wales University.

Finally, in what has to be one of the most ridiculous public health orders to emerge from this whole pandemic, the rules against dancing in restaurants have been mostly rescinded. Staff are still expected to enforce six feet of distance between parties and a cap on the number of dancers taking to the floor. Hope you didn’t make life too hellish for your middle school gym teacher/dance chaperone; that’s you now, buddy.

The following information comes from the CRA’s April 6 and April 9 newsletters. Sign up to receive the full versions here. And take a gander at its Coronavirus Resource Center, COVID-19 Reopening Resources, and Restaurant Worker’s Guide to the COVID-19 Vaccine for more info.

Denver Area Vaccine Clinic: Wednesday, April 14 

Stride Community Health Center is offering a vaccine clinic on Wednesday, April 14, from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Stride Community Health’s drive-thru vaccine clinic, located at the RTD Parking Garage at 14th & Wadsworth (1350 Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood).

Stride has 600 slots available and has offered them to our industry. This is for the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is approved for adults 18 & older. 

If you and/or your employees would like to participate, enter your details on this form AND register via the Stride site. This Stride link will put you on a waitlist. The other form gets you put on our priority list to get pulled off the waitlist and scheduled into an appointment. You will get a confirmation email from Stride on Tuesday, April 13. 

Our form will remain open until noon on Tuesday, April 13, or until the clinic fills up, whichever comes first.

We are pushing for more restaurant industry-specific clinics, but you do not need to wait for a clinic to be vaccinated. We have created a living guide for restaurant workers to navigate the vaccine rollout and ensure seamless appointment scheduling. View the vaccination guide here.

We encourage you to review the resources in this guide, register, and create a plan. You can find vaccine resources specific to your area on the CDPHE website here, find vaccine sites near you here, and mass vaccination clinics here.

Please note, the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine is only available for people 18 years or older, regardless of state qualification.

Tips for Handling Employee Vaccinations From Fisher & Phillips

Now that the country is on course to see all adult Americans eligible for COVID-19 vaccination in a matter of days, and an increasing number of employees are returning to the workplace, vaccination status is likely to be an increasingly common topic over the coming weeks and months. Which leads to these inevitable questions: when and how can employers ask their workers whether they’ve been vaccinated without getting into hot water? Whether it’s an innocent question asked while trying to make conversation or an inquiry posed to determine whether someone can return to normal duties, you need to understand your legal rights and obligations regarding this serious topic. Missteps can easily lead to legal complications.

Click here to learn more.

Get Ready for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund: FAQs and Application Guide

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund is right around the corner. While the application isn’t open just yet, we know the funds will go quickly and want to help you be ready to go as soon as it opens. To that end, this FAQ guide from the National Restaurant Association will help you prepare your application and answer any questions you may have on how to receive the funding.

View the FAQ guide here.

New Public Health Order Lifts Ban on Dance Floors in Restaurants

Last week, the State released the tenth amended COVID-19 public health order. This order is updated to align with the amended executive order on face coverings that took effect on Saturday, April 3 and clarifies that 6-foot distancing remains required in Level Green. Most notably for restaurants, the order lifts the ban on dance floors in restaurants and bars. State officials have stated that the dial is expected to be in effect until mid-April, at which point the State plans to retire the dial entirely and give control of capacity restrictions to local public health agencies.

Below is a breakdown of what this order does for restaurants:

  • Lifts the ban on dance floors indoors in restaurants and bars. However, individuals from separate households must remain spaced 6 feet apart and dancing is limited to no more than six persons dancing together from the same party.
  • Includes amended guidance regarding face coverings. As a reminder, here are the amendments to the mask mandate that went into effect on April 3:
    • Regardless of a county’s placement on the State’s Dial 3.0, mask must be worn in schools (including for extracurricular activities), child care centers, indoor children’s camps, public-facing state government facilities, emergency medical and other healthcare settings (including hospitals, ambulance service centers, urgent care centers, non-ambulatory surgical structures, clinics, doctors’ offices, and non-urgent care medical structures), personal services (e.g. hair salons, nail salons, esthetician services, body art professionals, etc.) and limited health care settings as defined by Public Health Order (PHO) 20-36, congregate care facilities, prisons, and jails. This category does not include restaurants.
    • In counties in Levels Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Purple on the State’s Dial 3.0 — masks must also be worn in public indoor settings (including restaurants) where 10 or more unvaccinated individuals or individuals of unknown vaccination status are present. This indicates that in Level Green, masks are an optional precaution in public settings, except for in the environments listed above which require masks regardless of a county’s COVID metrics. 
    • Guests of restaurants in Level Green would not be required to wear masks inside of the restaurant, unless a local municipality implements further mask guidance for public indoor spaces. In Level Green, it is up to the business’s discretion whether or not to require restaurant employees to wear masks, unless required by a local public health order. Guests of restaurants in counties in Levels Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Purple are still required to wear a mask inside of the restaurant when they are not seated at a table. 
  • Clarifies that 6 feet of distancing remains required in Level Green, although capacity restrictions are lifted. 
  • Updates to require only unseated, rather than seated, indoor events to be subject to the 50% capacity limit, not to exceed 500 people, in Level Green. 
  • Adds new paragraph authorizing seated Indoor Events in Level Green to operate at 100% capacity with 6-foot distancing, allowing seating of up to 10 people together including non-household members, and requiring organizers or operators of any such events that exceed 500 people to consult with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
  • Clarifies that Bars in Level Blue may operate and are not required to sell or provide food.

Click here to read the full public health order. Click here to read the summary of changes.

Johnson & Wales Has Kitchen Equipment and Wares to Donate

We are so sorry to see Johnson & Wales close here in Colorado! Even as they are packing up, their generosity to our industry continues. They have kitchen items that you can have – first-come, first-served. Note: You must be able to pick up the items no later than Monday, April 26, 2021.

Here is a sample of what is available:

  • Metal pans (hotel, 3, 6 and 9, perforated, etc.)
  • Melamine dishware (plates and mugs)
  • Porcelain soup/salad bowls
  • Metal show pans
  • Some catering equipment (large serving platters, mixing bowls, silverware, etc.)
  • And more!

If interested, reach out to Kara King, Executive Chef, at 720.492.2602 or

Talk to DiningOut! Email your experiences (and thoughts, opinions, and questions—anything, really) to


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