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Awkward conversations, cats, and why restaurants are really having a hard time hiring.

Fluffy white and tan long-haired kitten with blue eyes sitting in a cardboard box.
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Here’s what we’re watching this week.

This vegan hard-boiled egg inhabits the uncanny valley.

Read this profile of a Hotchkiss couple who broke into farming focused on regenerative ag practices.

Former hospitality workers are raising their voices to match the cries of short-staffed business owners. Here’s a trio of stories about why they aren’t returning in droves (and it’s not the unemployment benefits).

Cat person? Follow @dailypurr for daily drawings of cute cats being cats. Dog person? Follow @dailypurr for daily drawings of evil furballs doing dumb things. Either way, it’ll put a smile on your face.

Depending on your relative age and grumpiness, Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny for four to 30 years—but it did nail your first post-COVID conversations with loose acquaintances.

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